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A domain name I want to buy is about to expire. When will I be able to register it?

It depends on the domain name's registrar. Some registrars pre-release their own expiring domain names, while others follow the full domain name expiration process. Depending on which path they follow, the exact date on which you can register the domain name will vary.

Pre-release registrars

To determine if the registrar pre-releases its own domain names, review their website or contact them directly. If they do pre-release their own domain names, then it could take anywhere between 31 and 45 days after the domain name's expiry date before you will be able to buy it (you should be able to find out the exact date from the registrar). You can find out the domain name's registrar by doing a WHOIS lookup.

Once you know the date, make sure you find out where and how you will be able to buy the domain name. Some registrars pre-release only their own expired domain names, while others have an agreement to pool their pre-release names and make them available for purchase on a single separate website (like SnapNames).

Pre-release domain names are usually only purchased through an open-auction, where the highest bidder will win. To find out more about pre-release domain names, check out our article on how to buy an expiring domain name.

Registrars who follow the full domain name expiration process

If you're certain the registrar doesn't pre-release their own domain names, you'll be able to register the domain name between 65 and 80 days after its expiry date. The exact amount of time depends on the registrar. As it gets closer to the end of the 65-80 days, we recommend you do a search for the domain name through our expired domain name search. Our data will show the domain name's expiry date, which will be the day you can register it.

For more info about the domain name life cycle, check out our article on the domain name expiration process.

Dropscout.com provides free expired domain name research. Read more expired domain name articles, or send us your comments and questions.

Last Updated: May 14, 2007
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