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If I backorder an expiring domain name, can anyone else find out that I'm interested in buying it?

Yes. The only way to find out is from the company you are using to backorder the domain name, but it's a bit complicated to do so, and not 100% guaranteed. For the purposes of this article, we've analyzed the top three backordering services to determine if and how someone can find out that a domain name has been backordered.

  • GoDaddy.com
  • Pool.com
  • eNom (Club Drop)

GoDaddy.com (www.godaddy.com)

GoDaddy.com's backordering system will allow one person only to backorder any single domain name (on a first come first served basis). For example, if someone set up a GoDaddy.com backorder for abcwidgets.com yesterday, and then you tried to backorder that same domain name through GoDaddy.com today, you wouldn't be able to do so. If you tried, you'd receive an error from GoDaddy.com saying something like "Domain has already been backordered."

So for someone to find out it was backordered through GoDaddy.com, they would need to purchase backorder credits from GoDaddy.com, and then backorder the domain name. If they get the error message, they would know someone else had already backordered it.

Pool.com (www.pool.com)

Unless you work for Pool.com, there is no way to find out if a domain has been backordered through Pool.com.

eNom (Club Drop) (www.enom.com)

eNom will only allow backorders for domain names that are expiring within the next 5 days. According to the domain name expiration process, a domain name has a status of PENDINGDELETE in the final 5 days leading up to deletion. A domain name with this status cannot be renewed by the original owner.

So if you're concerned about the domain name's original owner finding out about your interest in the domain name, no need to worry. There is nothing they can do to recover it. If you're concerned about other domainers finding out about your interest in a domain name, read on...

eNom's backordering system doesn't have a fixed backorder cost. Instead, they rely on a bidding system where domain names with higher bids are allocated more server resources than those with lower bids. The more server resources are dedicated to a backorder, the higher eNom's chance of successfully snapping up the expired domain name.

All backorders start at the same minimum bid amount, which can then be increased using your eNom My Club Drop(SM) page. This page also displays the highest bid for the domain names you've backordered. If the high bid for a domain name is higher than the minimum bid amount, then someone else must have bid on it, and therefore there are others interested.

So for another domainer to find out it was backordered through eNom, they'd first need to backorder that specific domain name through eNom, and then compare the minimum bid amount with the highest bid amount. If there is a discrepancy between the two numbers they'd know it's been backordered. If the two numbers match, there is no way for them to know.


Although it's technically possible for someone to find out a domain name has been backordered, it's not very likely.

Dropscout.com provides free expired domain name research. Read more expired domain name articles, or send us your comments and questions.

Last Updated: May 14, 2007

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