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Expired Domain Name Basics

1. The domain name expiration process
2. How to buy an expiring domain name
3. How to find a valuable expiring domain name
4. The risks in buying an expired domain name
5. How to increase website traffic with expired domain names
6. Using expired domain names as an alternative to pay per click advertising
7. The domain name statuses
8. Domainer glossary of terms

Common Questions About Expired Domain Names

1. If I backorder an expiring domain name, can anyone else find out that I'm interested in buying it?
2. A domain name I want to buy is about to expire. When will I be able to register it?
3. A domain name I want to buy just expired. Why can't I register it?
4. Does backordering a domain name guarantee I will get it?
5. Can I backorder a .edu domain name?
6. Is there a way to find out what an expired domain name's website used to contain?

Common Questions About Dropscout.com

1. Why is there only 1 full day's worth of expired domain name data?

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