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NEWS:  We are in the final stages of upgrading our website to version 2.0, which will feature much deeper information. Version 2.0 of Dropscout.com will be operational by the Summer of 2010 and will continue to offer free expired domain name research. Thank you for your patience.
Pending Delete: Domains expiring in the next 6 days
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Report: Breakdown by First Letter (6) for All Dates
Total Matches Found: 191
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Domain Backorder WB Expires Yrs PR MSN Yahoo GG Alexa AL OVT DMOZ TLD

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Backorder = Register the domain immediately after it expires
WB = The WayBack Machine (archive.org)
Expires = Date the domain will become available
Yrs = Number of years registered according to WHOIS
PR = Google PageRank (may be fake)
MSN = Inlinks on MSN
Yahoo = Inlinks on Yahoo
GG = Inlinks on Google
Alexa = Alexa Traffic Rank for the domain or associated domains
AL = Inlinks on Alexa
OVT W = Overture searches with the TLD extension
OVT WO = Overture searches without the TLD extension
DMOZ = DMOZ Open Directory Project
TLD = Top Level Domain
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